Prompt Four: What is the Biggest Position of Power You’ve Ever Held? How did it Change You?

The biggest position of power I have ever had, was running a local sports league that had about 120 teams. The games were played from Sunday through Thursday nights. Friday nights were make up games for rain outs. The two summers I was in charge were the rainiest summers ever locally

I was in charge of doing payroll for the umpires and staff, setting policy for the league, updating the standings and keeping in touch with the captains and their needs and the needs of the players.

The position gave me more confidence in myself. Being in charge of other people in the hardest thing to do in any job. Not only are you in charge of your own work, you are also in charge of any work of the employees you supervise.

I remember one particular instance when one of my staff members made a mistake. My boss and his bosses asked me if I reprimanded them for it. When I told them I had already discussed it with the staff member they were pleased that I had already worked with the staff on the issue.

Being in a position of power, authority, responsibly when things go well is very empowering and when things go well is a huge confidence builder. It didn’t propel me to higher positions, but at the very least, I knew that I could do that job and do it well.

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