Prompt 11: You can Choose Any Previous Dream to Dream Again. Which One Do you Choose and Why?

This was a difficult one to choose and I needed a few days to contemplate this and think It over. There is not one specific dream I would choose, but an anthology of a few.

Many years ago, my wife became sick. She never completely recovered from her life threatening illness. After she was released from the hospital she chose living with her family over me and out children.

She filed for divorce and eventually got custody. During the course of her hospital stay I frequently had dreams that she was healthy. It was as if nothing had every happened.

Since losing custody have had some dreams with her healthy, some that things were much better between us and others where the family we created came first and we were all together.

Way more than wanting to dream this again every night. I wish it wa reality. My entire life my biggest goal, want and need was together married and start and raise children with a woman I love.

For many people there is a reason that are dreams are just that…some of us don’t get to realize our dreams and have them taken away by circumstance, other people a tragedy or for some all of the above.

My heart will remain broken for the remainder of my life and beyond.


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