Prompt 13: Write about your voice. Do you think it suits you? Would you Change it if you could? How has it changed over the years?

My dream from the time I was 12 through at least my twenties was to work in radio. My voice would have been my instrument.

I have never liked my voice. I’ve always thought  it sounds whiny. I would very much like to change it. It especially sounded poor to me when I would try to practice play by-play.

Through circumstances I’ve only been on the radio twice, both in high school. Those were DJ type shows that I would play songs of my choice for 30 minutes.

with a squeaky and shiny self sounding voice, I’ve never felt like it suited me. I would like a deeper, more authoritative mature sounding voice.

My real dream was to go into sports broadcasting. I would have loved to have hosted a sports talk show or have done sports reporting. I am not sure how my voice has changed.

I talk a lot and recently my voice went hoarse and I didn’t know why. It only lasts a few days. I wish that I had a deeper and voice. A lot more would have had to happen for me to have been successful in radio, but a deeper voice might have helped.

At the very least maybe I would be more attractive to women.

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