Prompt 17: Write about the morning you least wanted to get out of bed

The morning I least wanted to get out of bed was the last day I had custody of my children.

That morning and nearly every morning, my kids would come into my bed by one. Getting those hugs and cuddles each morning is what their mom would call feeling the love.

I wanted that morning to be frozen in time. At the time I knew I would see them for at least a week. It turned out to be indefinite.

When their mom and I went to bed every night she insisted that we not go to bed upset with each other.  We also held each other almost every night. She frequently fell asleep in my arms.

Now without the children or their mom, I rely on pillows, just like I did before I met their mom.

The last night I slept in the same bed as my wife, I was having a thought night. I went to bed first and she then came into hold me. Sadly I later found out this wasn’t genuine.

We all need the sense of touch and love

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