Prompt 19: what I most want you to know about me is….

Finish this sentence and keep writing for ten minutes. DO NOT LOOK AHEAD

What I most want you to know about me is that I am still learning to get to know myself.

We are never to old to learn and evolve. How do we define ourselves? Can anyone person be truly be defined by one thing? No one is purely their job, their partner, their children, their hobbies etc.

My most important role is being a father. Unfortunately it was important to the siblings of my ex to discredit and make me look as horrible as they could. Her sisters, brother and brother in-law wanted me out of her life and the life of out children. And succeeded.

The most important things to me in others are loyalty, compassion, intelligence and awareness of current events and the world around them.

I have embarked on this journey of 642 to write about me to get to know myself and to reach out to others to who might have gone through similar life journeys.

Stop now write this for ten minutes and keep going. 

This was a lie here is what I really want you to know….I am a multi faceted person. I am a father, a brother, a son, a friend, a writer and a Messenger. I am compassionate, loving, loyal, moody, open with my feelings and emotional.

I have a strong need to appreciated, loved, wanted and needed. The feeling of connections os extremely important to me. I like to be connected to other people and like connecting others.

The advent of social media and blogging has created a powerful tool when used correctly and for good connects us to others like ourselves. Before the Internet the world was a much larger place and therefore many of us felt alone.

It allowed me to meet the mother of my children, to date when I didn’t before because of my anxiety, to connect to friends and colleagues. It helped me to not feel so alone.


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