Prompt 18: Who was the hardest person in your life to forgive? How did you do it?

I think of this as the most unlikely, not the hardest.

There was always a lot of conscientiousness between by wife’s family and my family. When she faced a life threatening illness it only increased everything because of the stress of the situation having to be together a great deal more than usual

Her sister and brother-in-law never treated me or my family so any respect. Her. Sister threw things at my parents and constantly made comments about my family when they were not around.

Her illness clarified a lot for me. It made realize how much I loved her, taught me to hate someone’s actions but not necessarily the person, and that a time of crisis is not a time for grudges or revenge

With my wife’s life in question, I went to my sister-in-law and said to her “we had some big decisions we might have to make that no one should have to make alone”. We agreed that we would be making the Decisions about her health together.

I should have known better based on pat history and events. We had discussed where condolence calls would be made if she passed away and she told me she wanted to be the tone to make decisions.

I chose to take the high road. That was something I had not always done in the past. Less than two months into her illness her sister and her best friends worked together to get power of attorney behind my back.

I trusted her in a time I am not sure I should have. All I wanted at the time was for my wife to get better and to take care of our children. Unfortunately her sister and siblings always had their own agendas preceded anything that mattered got the family we had created.


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