Prompt 20: Write a letter to the one person you don’t want to see at your high school reunion.

Your High school reunion is coming up. Think of the one person you really don’t want to see there. Write a letter to that person about what happened back in high school, and how it makes you feel even today, this many years late.

I did not have to wait for my high school reunion to experience this. A few years after high school and right out of college I worked with a classmate of mine i did not like.

It wasn’t a matter of something specific that happened in high school it was more a matter of how he acted and his personality that rubbed me the wrong way.

I was more or less anonymous in high school. I was passive and fairly shy. I wasn’t involved in a lot of extracurricular activisties and didn’t really know too many people well.

In the case of this particular classmate, he came up to me in the back office and asked why I hadn’t said hello yet. I always thought he didn’t like me and therefore we only would interact as needed.

I learned people grow up and how something might have made us feel in the past, doesn’t have to be prevalent in our present and future.

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