Prompt 21:Your family pet starts talking to you.What exactly does he or she think is going on around here?

Knowing what a pet would think about what is going on in our life, homes and surrounding would be an interesting dichotomy to learn.

We all come at life from our own experiences, thoughts and views and pets at no different. There are many other aspects that would play in this. What kinds of animal? what is the species? How old is it? Who and how many people and/or other pets are in the home?

The most sophisticated animals can give us many of the same things that humans can.Love, companionship, compassion, and comfort are just some of the things a good pet are able to provide.

Increasingly, animals are used for a multitude of reasons for comfort. Traditionally service pets have been used  to help to guide those in need. Traditonally for the bling and handicapped, service pets are becoming pets to help thos in need for a variety of issues in the present.

I’ve always wanted a dog. If and when I get one, he or she would probably sense my loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Posed with the question what is going on around here, my dog would after wonder why I allow myself to get down and not be more active. The pet would say “what’s going on around here? Get up lets get moving and get some exercise, be productive and do something positive.

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