Prompt 23: How did the way your parents felt about their bodies or physicality affect you and how you feel about your body and physicality.

Working out and being in shape is probably the most important thing in my father’s life. He has always been confident in his own body and physicality.

Sports and staying in shape is and was extremely important to my father as well as my grandfather. He is a great athlete and has been active and involved in sports his entire life.

My mom works out and also comes from a family that likes sports. Staying active and being in shape wasn’t nearly as important to my maternal grandparents.

I’ve always felt comfortable about my body. Being active is important to me, but not like it is to my father and his siblings. He we often comments about my grandparents and my uncle being overweight. At times he would even make comments about my mom needing to lose weight.

My physicality is something I’ve never really been that confident in. I grew up as one of the shortest ones in my class and finished growing late. I was slight most of my life and now have an average build.

I’ve never had much of a physical presence. I’ve always been somewhat nondescript. was young, I was a good but not great athlete. My speed was my asset, not my physicality.

If I was as confident about my entire life as I was about my body I’d have a much better life.

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