Prompt 24: What was your favorite trip as a child and why?

We traveled a fair amount when I was growing up. We had trips to Florida, Mexico the West Coast of the United States and some closer weekend getaways.

My favorite trip as a child was the six weeks I got to spend in Israel. It’s a beautiful historic place and what you learn has far more meaning as you climb Masada, pray at the Western Wall and swim in the in Red Sea than learning about it in a textbook or having a teacher give a lecture about it.

Israel is beautiful and has mange different types of topography for A small country. Jerusalem is amazing. Beautiful, historic and volatile it can be argued it’s the most important city in the world.

Tel Aviv is more cosmopolitan, similar to New York City, Miami or Los Angeles. Its full of beaches, beautiful people, nightclubs and great restaurants.

The trip was a great preparation for college. There was 40 of us in the group and I did not know anyone in the group before I went. It was an incredible experience and one that forced all of us to grow up quickly.

I’ve been fortunate to travel to some amazing places in my life and have some incredible experiences through travel and at home. That trip packed more into a short period of time than anything I’ve done in my life.

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