Prompt 25: What is the object that belonged to your parent that you associate most strongly with him, her and why

My parents are not very materialistic. My mom doesn’t want much jewelry and they don’t like clutter so they don’t have many things. The two items I would most associate with my parents are their cars and my father’s tennis rackets.

My parents are generally cautious and smart with their money. My father likes to play tennis and seemingly almost always has one nearby. He also likes practical luxury cars.

Feeling comfortable in whatever environment are in is extremely important to my parents. They like having a nice luxury, but practical car. They like to go out to eat to see movies with that time spent in the car they like to be comfortable and safe.

Playing tennis has been a part of my father’s life for over 30 years. He probably has between five and ten tennis rackets at any given time.

The other item I can think of is the armoire that my father has had for as long as I can remember. Its lasted through a few moves and a couple of paint jobs.

Hopefully most people associate their parents with something much greater than an object. What they taught us, how they treated us and the love they provided.


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