Prompt 26: What’s the most confused you’ve ever been? Tell that story.

The most confused I’ve ever been was when I saw a woman I knew who was pregnant…or so I thought.

The woman I knew who was pregnant used to come into my place of work nearly everyday. I had seen her nearly everyday throughout her pregnancy.

The woman walked into where I was working wearing a large wearing a large sweatshirt and carrying the Sunday paper in front of her belly. She mentioned “this kid is killing me” I responded to her when are you due?. Her response was that she already had the baby.

I was never so embarrassed. It was a situation that could happen to anyone. With her oversize sweatshirt and the newspaper it was difficult to tell if she was still pregnant or not.

I am not sure what else I could have done other than just acknowledging what she say, helping her and then moving on to the next patron.

The next day or shortly thereafter I was watching t.v. I saw an ad with her husband in it advertising his law firm. This was when ads for law firm were first allowed on television. After I saw at I didn’t feel quite as embarrassed.




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