Prompt 28: Write everything interesting you can about your worst scar (literal or figurative)

I have many figurative scars. I very much wear my heart on sleeve and feel things much deeper than most. My most literal scar is much more obvious.

When I was in kindergarten a classmate dared me and bet me five dollars I wouldn’t or couldn’t climb a barbwire fence. Looking back on this now Is interesting. I have significant anxiety issues about many things.

It’s difficult for me to be assertive when there is something I want. I also am afraid of heights and rarely take risks. At six years old I probably didn’t know any better.

I barely remember this happening, but the scar has been there for as long As I can remember. I took the dare/bet and climbed the fence. The scar I have to show for my climb over the fence likely resulted from a cut. It’s not very prominent or noticeable unless I show someone.

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