Prompt 29: Write about your first vivid memory. Then write about all the ways you might be remembering or mistaking it.

Our first vivid memories are an interesting thing. Were they really our memories or are our memories distorted by a picture video or the story that an adult told us.

My first vivid memory was when I was about three years old I went to California with my mom’s cousin. I remember seeing a picture of the trip and sitting in the grass with him.

My memory of that trip does not extend much beyond that. I don’t even know who the cousin was. I am not even sure if my mom would know which cousin it was.

Although my maternal paternal great-grandfather was one of 12 or 13 children we were not very close to most of my mother’s family. She is close to her brother and two female cousins, but that’s about it.

I wish I remembered more about that trip. I am not sure but I imagine it was my first trip away from my parents. My brother would have just been an infant at the time.

One of my other first vivid memories are being on a trip with my grandfather woot my parents. Other than that, my memories after that didn’t occur until I was about six or seven.

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