Prompt 30: Tell a family story you think will be passed down and told generations from now.

The evolution of technology had changed the way stories are told. Instead of stories being unique to families, now many of us share our lives via social media.

Social had given anyone who wants it a connection to the world. We share our life milestones, what we ate for dinner, our thoughts on pop culture and our triumphs and tragedies via pictures, status updates, groups, blogging and many more forms of social media to tell what is going on in our lives.

This question can be interpreted many ways. Does the story come from see thing in my life,  my parents, the mother off my children? On the whole, my father has had a more interesting life than my mother, but it’s some of the stories from my mother that I remember more.

My grandfather once told my mom she was too much of a goody two shoes and yet she and her friends got put in jail for putting a Christmas tree up a flag pole at a house of worship.

My father has accomplished many incredible things. The stories behind them are mostly just accomplishments. Both of my parents re private and many of the things they have done throughout their lives they don’t like to share.

I’ve lived a fairly ordinary life. I have my own personal stories like anyone. I’ve been fortunate travel and see some amazing places, experience the miracle of children.

When I first started dating the mother of my children, she called her family “dysfunction junction”.  I probably should’ve leaned early on. Its to tell which stories are real and which ones were made up or exaggerated. She told me her brother molested her sister, stole money from their grandmother amongst other things.

Her brother and sister were supposedly recovering alcoholics/drug addicts and that her sister and father were bi-polar. It was at our wedding when her family past came to a head.

Her brother, father and sister got in a big fight. Her brother punched her father And her father was escorted out of the wedding.

Stories that are passed down orally are very different from those passed down through written communication. Written communication has never been more prevalent. We are able to communicate quicker, easier and more often than we ever have before.

The stories that are now passed down usually go to a much wider audience than just family.

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