Prompt 32: Have you ever owned an item but completely forgotten why you purchased it. Write a Fictional but completely plausible reason.

We have all been to Costco, Target or our favorite big box store about spent way more than we intended to. I am not sure I’ve ever bought something that I forgot why I purchased it.

I have been with my kids when they were much younger and gotten home and not noticed them putting something on the cart and paid for it. I’ve also done my share of window shopping of things i want and wish I could have but know I couldn’t afford or shouldn’t spend the money on.

Bowls, bowls and more bowls. When I got married we registered for a plethora or bowls. I don’t remember why we registered for so many. Registering can be stressful or it can be one of the more fun artificers for wedding planning to share.

We went through the aisle without much thought to practicality. We registered for many bowls. Stackable bowls, measuring bowls, bowls to eat cereal and/or soup out of, smaller bowls for salsa, dips or other snacks in and bowls for everyday use.

We needed all those bowls for all the various uses listed above. We’ve used them for  all the listed items and more. Each use has its own plausible reason.

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