Prompt 33: Write a One-Page Synopsis of Your Life. It’s for Someone Who’s in a Hurry and Not Particularly Interested.

I have lived an ordinary life with some extraordinary experiences.

I have lived an ordinary life with some extraordinary experiences.

I grew up in two affluent suburbs. I loved where I grew up and loved where I went to high school. I was a below average student and average athlete.

I was never good enough to play high school sports and I was barely a good enough athlete to get into college.

I have been lucky as an adult to travel to some historic locations and participate and attend in some amazing events.

I grew up as part of a high achieving family. It’s something I generally am not. My family doesn’t always accept the average person. They expect success and often don’t accept those that don’t reach their level of success.

The majority of my life I have had to deal with significant anxiety and mild depression. It’s something I battle everyday. It often makes getting things done tougher and takes far greater effort for me than the average person.

The last few years have been particularly difficult. I had to go through an illness with my ex, holding our family together as a result, her filing for divorce and then getting custody. This exacerbated my anxiety and depression. Relationships of all kinds have always come difficult for me.

I’ve never fit into my family. Most of them have not so transparently looked down on me. I don’t fit into their mold of what someone should be. I’ve been called a martyr by my mother and lazy by my father.

I’ve always struggled to find a way to fit in with whatever group I am a part of. This includes, family, friends, work, school etc. As a writer maybe I am better off staying to myself and continuing to write.

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