Prompt 37: Make a list of Things You’ve Probably Done for the Last Time: Say Your Goodbyes

This will be another very emotional post. Getting married and having and raising children were my dream since I was about 12.

On the first date with my ex we discussed having children and what we would name them. We even used one of the names discussed for one of our children.

Towards the end of the school year in recent years I discussed with one of the administrators the likelihood of my losing custody and the children going to live with their mom.

The administrator was heart-broken. Saying goodbye to the staff there was incredibly heartbreaking. They were in amazing school district that was very small. Went the went to live with their mom they joined a school district that was eight times the size.

The list of things I have probably done for the last time revolve around my children and school.

  1. Getting my children ready for bed on a school night
  2. Getting to know the other parents that my kids go to school with in the neighborhood I live in.
  3. Waking my kids up in the morning and getting them ready for school
  4. Being the main parent to raise my children
  5. Being the primary parent to get my children to activities
  6. Making decisions together with their mother in their best interest (their mom looks to her sisters and friends to make decisions)
  7. Missing the everyday of being with kids vs just having visitation

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