Prompt 38: What’s the Largest Block of Time You’ve Ever Had to Kill? How did you go About It?

The largest block of Time that I even remember having to kill was eight hours in JFK airport. I was with a four group.

I don’t really remember what I did other than playing games with my friends and just chatting. It was at the end of six weeks spent touring Israel. I was the only one in my group that lived in the metropolitan area I am from. Two others lived within a five-hour drive.

Almost the entire group was from the east coast and they had a reunion a few months later. I was on vacation with my family and was unable to attend which made it difficult.

It was a magical summer. How often do any of us have time to kill anymore and what do we decide to do with it?

In present day too much time is spent trying to maximize every second in many ways and yet most of us waste time on social media and /or our phones.

What do we truly take time for? I went through a stretch without a cell phone. I said to one of my friends that he probably liked it better when we are out without my phone. He basically said since I mentioned it I pay more attention to him while I was without a phone.

Go into any airport, train station or children’s activity and the vast majority of people will be on their phones.

Do we even know what killing time is anymore? We strive to maximize time more than we ever have,  yet we waste more time than we probably ever have.

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