Prompt 39: Recount the Day You Put Your Favorite Poster Up On Your Bedroom Wall. Then Write About the Day You Took It Down.

I don’t think of myself as having a favorite poster as much as having a favorite poster As much as having a favorite poster at the time.

The first poster I remember putting up was as a sophomore in college. I had three of them. One was Bryan Adams who was one of my favorite musicians and the other two were sports related. One of Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry and the other one was called Chicago Vice of Walter Payton and Jim McMahon. 

Putting them up made it feel like my own sense of decor. Being in college and always having a roommate that share a room with in the dorms makes it an interesting experience. You have to navigate different interests background and morality.

The following year I moved into an apartment. I don’t remember how I decorated that. As I got older and would eventually move into my own adult, grown-up place I had a combination of art and posters.

I really loved the photographer Michael Gustafson. He takes aerial photographs of skylines and landmarks and turns them into professional posters. I bought a few of his works and posted them on my literal walls.

As I got older and into a relationship and would eventually move share an apartment with the woman who would eventually become my wife we had more mature artwork hung in our homes.

We were fortune enough to receive beautiful professional posters from her cousins and my aunt and uncle. We had those up where we lived.

Moving has never been easy for me emotionally. Each time I took the posters down was the end of an era. The end of where I lived. The end of a certain era of my life and the end of something that I loved at a particular time.

It was moving on and time for more opportunities but also giving up something as well.

Now I realize that these were all just things to make a living space nicer. In reality that’s all a poster is. Some might have more meaning based on something that was. It could represent something someone special made or gave to us. In reality they are all just things. These are material possessions that may or may not live on after we are gone.

Art can be worth a lot of money or it can just be a poster like Chicago Vice. In the end it should really just be a thing that represented where we were at a particular time in our life.

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