Prompt 41: Think of a Time you Stood up For a Stranger. Write a Ten Line Story about What Happened and why you Intervened. 

I can think one recent instance of stranding of for a strange but it was online.

Social Media has made it much easier to connect with the world. We all connect with people we might not have met otherwise.

When it’s working at its best social media connects people who are lonely, connects those in support groups for all kinds of things who might feel alone and crates communities that might not otherwise exist.

A Facebook friend of mine posted a picture of herself in a hot tub in a bikini. The picture wasn’t posted any sort of sexual nature or provocative.

Someone else posted that he felt if she posted pictures like this she should expect men to hit on her. I replied by saying what I posted in the last paragraph and that she also had no makeup on and looked beautiful.

Even if she did post provocative pictures that would be her choice and would never give anyone the right to reply with sexually suggestive comments. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

The amount of trolling and hated that goes online is disturbing. With anything else there is going to be good and bad. She very wisely uses her first and middle name without a last name in her posts.
Not posting a last name should significantly reduce any stalkers and is a much safer way to live online.

While many go online looking for a fight I try to post positive comments when I think someone is doing the right thing as much as I disagree with some other comments. We all need to watch out for each other. When we start believing something is not our problem is when larger issues can manifest itself in society.

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