Prompt 42: Describe the First Time Someone Relied on You, and How it Felt. 

The first time I remember someone relying on me is when I helped my mom with my sister who is almost 12 years young than me. 

My parents tried for another child after my brother and I because my mom wanted a girl. I remember my dad taking my brother and I to the hospital to see my mom and sister.

When we brought her home she had a very small bedroom. I can remember sitting in the living room and feeding my sister he bottle. As she became older and my brother and I more responsible, my parents relied on is increasingly to help with my youngest siblings.

When my sister was almost five my parents gave birth to another child, another boy. When he was six my parents told my other brother and I one of us had to watch him on New Year’s Eve. We both agreed to in addition to a friend of mine coming.

With two significantly younger siblings I was relied on to help with them frequently growing up.

I helped getting up and giving them a bottle when they were infants and toddlers, helped drive car pool and occasionally babysit.

It meant a lot to me and made me realize how much I wanted to get married and raise my own children someday.

It felt very good to be given that responsibility and to be relied on. There is no greater responsibility than that or taking care of a child.

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