Prompt 46: When Did you Realize You Were Being Hilarious? What Was Everyone Laughing About? 

The times I remember being hilarious are with those that we should laugh with most, my children and ex-wife.

It seemed as if there was no middle ground with my ex and I. We both were and are very passionate people in everyway. Nearly everything we did particularly with each other was done with passion.

I can think of numerous times of laughing with her where a situation would pop up and we were able to laugh at ourselves and a situation.

One morning the alarm was set to a radio station. The announcer came on and said woulda, coulda, shoulda…it just hit us both and we could not stop laughing. I am not sure why but it was hilarious to us.

The other time was when we eye sharing an cannoli. We both tended to have a dirty sense of humor between each other. Well…let’s just say the cannoli was messy and the inside, the ricotta/mascarpone resembled…😆.

When I have spent time with my children alone we always seem to laugh. My middle two kids have great senses of humor. My younger son is brilliant and always seems to make people laugh.

I can really remember specific instances with them. They are just a ton of fun to be around. The thing we really laugh about is just enjoying each other’s company.

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