Prompt 40: Describe the Supernatural Experience you Had (or never had but wish you did)

The closest I have ever come to a supernatural experience was when I lost nearly half my blood volume. 

If I had lost one more platelet of blood it would have been half my blood volume. The doctor had forgotten to give me a clotting favor during surgery.

I could have easily sued the hospital but I felt the doctor made an honest mistake and I did not want to sue.

Sitting in the emergency room I had a gun shot victim on one side of me and a patient that had suffered a heart affect on the other. I learned that by listening to the medical personal.

This was the closest I’ve been personally to a near death experience. I was never in danger of dying but I did have to stay in the hospital for five days. This occurred a day after what should have been a routine outpatient surgery.

It probably should have changed my outlook on life. Others could have become more grateful, maybe change the way they think or act. I was still young and once I healed after about six weeks I just went back to how my life was at the time.

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