Prompt 48: What’s One Thing You Believe in That No One Can Change Your Mind About, Evidence Be Dammed 

I try to have an open mind. It dangerous for anyone to not allow their mind to be changed if evidence is shown otherwise.

Many people like to believe that a referee’s bad call meant that he was against their team, or that a game might have been fixed.

The results of the latest presidential election had all kinds of allegations from both sides. Russia was involved, there was voter fraud that only impacted one side or the other and lots of hatred both ways.

There are many things I believe. I am a passionate and opinionated person. I try to keep an open mind in terms of being presented new information and being able to change my own opinions.

There is plenty I believe went on in my own divorce. Some I am fairly certain of, but can’t and likely never will be able to prove.

Someday I might be able  to prove some of what I think might have happened or the information might come out and I might be proven correct.

Any responsible writer should have an open mind to be able to see both sides of an issue. Everyone comes at things differently. We all have differently experiences, thoughts and viewpoints.

There are many things that will be difficult for me to change my mind about but not “evidence be dammed”.

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