Prompt 52: What color clothes do you wear most often? Spend ten minutes in free-form writing about what that color means to do and why it shows up most often in your wardrobe.

I don’t favor any specific color. There are many colors I wear. If I had to narrow it down to one color it would be khaki. 

The khaki I wear pertains to two pairs of pants that I wear. I really doesn’t mean anything to me. I just like the pants.

I have three pairs of pants that are khaki colored. Two of them are lined and are great to wear in the winter. One is lined by fleece and the other is lined with flannel.

I also one or more pairs of shorts that are khaki. When I think of khaki it has an air of casual professionalism to me.

Khaki is not like wearing a suit or slacks, yet it’s definitely more accepted than wearing blue jeans in a worn environment. In the jobs I perform I like to look professional get also be comfortable.

Khaki would be infesting in a shirt. I can only think of one short that would even be close to that. Would we ever call a shirt khaki? A shirt that has a khaki color would more likely be referred to as tan.

Is khaki even a color? Or is it more of a reference to the style of pants or shorts? How do Bermuda shirts compare?

Of the other colors I wear, navy would probably be the most common….

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