Prompt 53: What thing do you still think of as “for grown-ups” and not for you-even though you are a grown up now? 

The thing I think of as for grown ups and not for me is when I see someone in a position of a lot of authority. 

A CEO, politician, or Sports administrator almost seems foreign to me. There are so many things I wanted to do with my life. Not the first two, but I see people much younger than I am doing things that I wanted to do and it’s difficult.

I’m still young enough to be able to have success in various areas, I just have to alter my wants and dreams.

When we are growing up we all want to do it fast, then when we get there most of us want to go back to being children.

The reality of being an adult and the things we get to do is far different from what our hopes and dreams are.

The everyday realities of work, domestic chores errands being in a relationship and/or the end of a relationship can take an emotional toll.

Some get to live a life they hoped for an others struggle. How much support do those that struggle get? How genuine are those around them? What do we truly get out of life?

When we get older do we still remember to enjoy ourselves as much as when we are children? It’s ok to act silly and have fun like children do while still being an adult.

One of the other things I’ve struggled with my whole life that has also spilled into adulthood is with organization. Keeping things where they should be and being able to prioritize is something I am constantly working on.

What is truly for grownups anyway and what isn’t? That can often depend on who you ask.

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