Prompt 54: You’re Compelled by Law to get a word or image tattooed on the palm of your hand. What do you choose? 

As I’ve spoken about in quite a few of my posts dealing with anxiety is something that’s been an inner battle throughout my life. If not for that I might have already gotten a tattoo. 

The only thing that’s really held me back from getting a tattoo is the fear of it being painful, or at least I’ve heard that.

Dealing with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues have been something I’ve had to deal with my entire life. The movement using a semicolon to indicate strength for those that struggle with mental illness.

The semicolon project’s movement is a powerful. It was started by Amy Bleuel because a semicolon doesn’t signify the end of a sentence. The semicolon is a symbol that you are choosing to continue.

Bleuel has had her own struggles with mental health. Too many people don’t take mental health batted seriously enough.

I’ve been told to pull myself up by my boot straps, to make a list and just to get things done and basically to just do it. I have had friends stop being friends with me because I’m too negative.

No one in my family understands and only a few friends. Dealing with mental health issues can often be a lonely existence.

My best friend from college and I have always said it’s not important who you are close to, it’s having someone to be close to that’s important.

I’ve been blessed by connecting with some great people on social media and reconnecting with old friends as well.

I’ve thought about getting the semi colon tattoo on the inside on my wrist. Not sure id do it on my hand, that sounds more painful. Either way it’s an important movement that seems to be gaining steam.

Understanding and accepting mental health issues seem to be one of the last levels of acceptance in society.

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