Prompt 55: What Law Do You Think Should be Repealed?

This is such a broad question that I could almost write a book on it. There are so many laws that need to be repealed. 

The laws I would start with would be any that involve physical harm. A statute of limitations gives an advantage to the criminal and not the victim.

I have a friend that was sexually assaulted and is doing tremendous things to try to get the statute of limitations on rape on rape lifted.

That should be extended to any forms of violent crime. My ex’s brother-in-law admitted to assaulting me. It was two months before the statute of limitations would expire. My own attorneys did not want me to pursue anything relating to the crime. I lost custody and now he is raising my children.

From my own understanding the only law that doesn’t have a statute of limitation is murder. I am not 100 percent sure how that works though. The catholic abuse scandal seems like it would have been beyond the statute of limitations as well.

Writing laws and three branches of government that have to get involved in writing and implementing them is a difficult process. Have laws being changed become more about the people or the people on charge?

It’s a controversial process that has seemed to have the country split. Political ideology and partisanship have split the country into factions.

The next few years we seem to be heading for a volatile era. The laws that will be proposed to be put into place and/or repealed will be controversial no matter what occurs.

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