Prompt 56: What’s Something People Do You Think Should Be Outlawed?

This can be such a broad reaching question. There is a reason that the first amendment is largely freedom of speech. That said, The excess to which hate speech and hate crimes are on the rise is troubling. 

The proliferation of social media and the last presidential election cycle have brought to light the amount of hate there is in United States.

Are we doing enough to curb hate speech and hate crime? Where should it start and where should it end? The United States was built on freedom of speech. It’s one of the most important tenets of the bill of rights.

Freedom of speech has it limits though. You can’t yell fire in a theater, you can’t threaten people and you cannot say thing that would damage someone’s reputation that is untrue.

The proliferation of social media has made all of our opinions more public. It’s also had to hate spreading much quicker. Being able to outlaw hate although extremely complex could help to curb a lot of what is currently going n in the United States currently.

It’s permeated seemingly into everything we do. The 2016 president election seemed to be run on hate. Is it a microcosm of society or did the hate grow from the campaign. The answer is likely both.

If we are truly “going to make America great again” getting rid of hate and promoting others to be able to understand our differences and celebrate our similarities.

People are beginning to be held accountable in their jobs for various social media rants. Companies are be held too much higher standards in regards to social responsibility.

The next step is society. Where do we draw the line. Not allowing people to speak their opinions as long as their actions doesn’t match their hate filled speech is a dangerous slope. Which way do we go?

If it’s a prominent public figure a lot of what they say and do can incite others to act on hate. How do we regulate that? Figuring that out as we evolve as a society is going to be important to improve as a global as well as a domestic society.

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