Prompt 57: You Have One Month to Raise $5,000 in Cash Without Your Family Knowing. How do you go About it?

Part of doing this exercise of prompts is stepping out of reality and writing about things that would never happen in real life. This is one of those exercises. 

The easiest and quickest way to raise money and especially anonymously would be to use a go fund me page. I would set one up by telling my story and what I need the money for and now I would use it.

I’ve been through alot over the last five to six years. Throughout that time most of my family has not been supportive. The ability to raise money without them knowing other than not having to use my name would not be difficult.

It’s usually hard to hide things from those close to us. The majority of those I’m closest confide in are online. Many years ago my best friend said that it doesn’t matter who we are close with as long as we have someone we are close with.

I am a strong believer in the power of social media to connect people. In addition to a go fund me page I would look into other forms of crowd sourcing, use blogging and as many ways to raise money as I could.

In an ideal world family would help to raise money and would know about the reason that the money was being raised. What is an ideal world though and does anyone really live in it?

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