Prompt 58: Who was Your First Teacher that Wasn’t a Teacher

Almost everyone should answer this question being a parent or someone else close to them in the home. 

A parent, an older siblings, a nanny a caretaker, that’s who should be someone’s first teacher. In my case it was my parents and the housekeeper we grew up with.

My mom was always the one that took the most interest in our education. She helped us with homework, was our advocate with our teachers and made sure to educate us on things far beyond academic persuits.  

My mother came from a very academic family. She and my grandfather both loved to read. My grandfather was very into the stock market and my mom has an interest in politics and good murder mysteries.

On days off from school we were always doing things to make us better people and to learn. We went to museums, visited working farms and she would help me a lot through my difficulties with school. 

The one I remember getting the most help on was the odyssey. I had a ton of trouble understanding that book. I’ve never been a big reader of books and have difficult understanding longer form writing. I had a greater passion for current events, reading the newspaper and magazine articles. 

My father’s passion and knowledge was and is sports. He’s a big sports fan, a great athlete and has competed in sports at a high level. 

He took me to every imagineable sporting event except hockey. He’s doesn’t like hockey. I learned about hockey on my own. 

My parents housekeeper is a part of our family. She is the one that taught me how to be domestic. Doing laundry, taking care of children and learning how to cook all came from watching and talking to her and by asking questions. 

It might take a village, but it should almost always start in the home. 

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