Prompt 59: Write about Someone you Remember Vividly, but Whom You’re Sure Doesn’t Remember you. 

There are lots of people I remember vividly. I am not sure who would or would not remember me. 

Some come from short meetings, some I saw often but for short periods of time and others have come from more direct interactions. 

When I served on the committee for my high school reunion no one but only one person on the committee remembered me. 

Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with those from our past. Someone I’ve been friends with on Facebook for a while  who I went to college with I mixed up with another friend with the same name. When I explained how we knew each other she said he didn’t remember me. The irony is that the other person is the wife of someone I went to college with. 

There are many people I’ve connected with on social media from my past. I have varying levels of interaction with all of them. I am not sure how much or if at all any of them remember me. 

Some of these people were in my life for a while and others were for a fleeting moment. Take the theory of “social networking” nearly literally. It would take an almost extensive survey to be sure who does and does not remember me.

The one who doesn’t for sure I was in an academic program together with on college. She was probably one of the first people I met there. 

We would attend study tables together, but I rarely saw her outside of study tables. We both grew up in a different place than where we went to college and presently live in our hometowns. 

If it wasn’t for social media we would have not likely ever reconnected. Part of the irony is that I went to junior high with her husband and worked one summer with her sister in law. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say I remember her vividly, but I remember her name vividly and somewhat what she looks like. 

Social media has reconnected many of us with old friends. We logically remember some better than others. It many ways it’s replaced reunions. 

We used to go to our reunions to reconnect with friends and others we remember vividly that might not remember us and vice versa. Now we can do that everyday on social media. 

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