Prompt 62: What are/were your tricks for impressing a crush? Lay out your arsenal.

Impressing a crush can be one of the most anxiety inducing things in life. I’ve dealt with anxiety and mild depression for as long as I can remember. My “arsenal” and tricks for impressing a crush need a lot of work.

Before the advent of the internet my tricks and arsenal were sorely lacking. I always seemed to wind up in the friend zone. I have the contradiction of being outgoing and talkative, yet shy passive.

Going up to a woman I might be interested in is terrifying to me and yet I am much better than I was when I was younger. The thought of rejection negates any of the positives. Online, I have no problems following or friending a woman online and even asking them out.

I began in the early stages of the internet on america online. The chat rooms were always busy. They had chat rooms for virtually everything you can imagine and you could even create private ones to go into with other people.

I would always go into the single chat rooms. Even those rooms were vast by sub topic. The single chat rooms were narrowed by religion, geography and age. I would often chat in the rooms and also look at the list of women in the rooms and then send them an instant message and chat that way.

It has probably been since college that I’ve had a date I met through traditional methods. The rejection online seems less than it would be face to face. The vast majority of my dates and meetings seem to be one and done.

I am a very open person with my feelings and experiences with very few exception. This seems to drive women away. Even ones that say nothing bothers them I often do not hear back from.

If I had to narrow something down to any “tricks” or arsenal that I have it’s just to treat women with respect and compliment them. Everyone wants to be loved, wanted, needs and respected. It’s also best to be yourself.

I used to have a pair of friends that would tell me to lie about where I was in life. That goes against me core beliefs. As I have gotten older though I am learning that we also do not have to tell someone the entire story in the first meeting.

It’s become much easier to learn about people and look them up than ever before. Whatever tricks have been used in the past, likely don’t work in the present. The advent of cell phones, email, texting and social media has changed so much about how we interact with everyone personally.

As with anything else whatever tricks and arsenal we use one person or at a certain time might work at that point, but not with someone else or another time. It is always best to learn to adapt. learn and grow than to always rely on what has worked before.

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