Prompt 63: Write a Job Listing for your Current Job, making it sound as awesome as possible

Job Opening: Blogger wanted to cover your favorite sports team or TV Show.

Are you passionate about your favorite sports team and/or TV Show and want to write about it? Sports and Pop Culture Fans is looking for writers for most of its websites to cover your favorite sports fan and/or your favorite TV show.

The hours are flexible and the job is remote. You can work on your own time and where ever you want. The ability to set your own hours and be able to work from anywhere will give you the flexibility to be able to enjoy the other things you like to do in your life.

The job also requires interacting with other fans of the team or show that you are representing. This requires a presence on social media, writing articles and your site having at least 50 posts per month.

You will be counted on as an expert for your knowledge and passion in your area of expertise. If you can handle more than one outlet you will be provided with the opportunity to grow within the company.

The company offers a lot of support, camaraderie and potential to grow in the publishing industry.

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