Prompt 64: Write a Note to the Candidate who just got your job, telling them why it’s the worst job in the world and they shouldn’t even consider taking it.

In my job I am on my own. As someone who is self-employed I am on my own for insurance. I usually work alone and seldom have face to face contact with others.

The flexibility is great, but the having to be alone most of the time is some that is very difficult. I am often on the road getting stuck in traffic, or home on the computer for hours at a time without talking to another human being. It can be emotionally taxing work without enough financial reward.

Because the position is self-employed, I am required to front all of my expenses. I contact potential clients, go to networking events and connect with others online. Nothing I do seems to be enough to retain or acquire clients.

The constant rejection is often tiring and makes it difficult to have the drive to succeed each day. It can often make you wonder what you have to do to be successful.

Connecting with other people is vital for any business or freelancer. It can often be defeatist when new clients and jobs do not come through. If you want security its better to find a more steady job.

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