Prompt 65: Write a Paragraph about your mother or father without using adjectives

My mother was always the one there for us. She would help with homework, cook for us, bathe us when we were really young. She is the one that took care of the house. She was according to my father “the boss”

My mom was the one that took care of almost everything regarding the house with some exceptions. She did the shopping, drove car pool, planned our schedules and activities.

She also had to help out my grandparents as they got older. After my grandfather died, my mom and uncle hired someone to take care of my grandmother and to be a companion for her. My mom and uncle could not spend all their time with my grandmother as they had their own spouses to be with.

My mom has lived most of her life for others. It is difficult to pinpoint something in her life that is about her. Most of her accomplishments have revolved around what she did for others.

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