Prompt 76: Your Family has to enter the witness protection program. Pick your new names and fictional biological background. Is it a story everyone in the family will keep straight? Which family member is going to give you away?

One of the better and more interesting prompts thus far. Where would I even begin with this?

As a hope to write a memoir someday, I go back and forth in my mind whether or not to fictionalize everyone but me.

The names would likely be the easy part, the back story would require more creativity and imagination. One of my favorite movies in My Blue Heaven. My Blue Heaven stars Steve Martin as mobster Vinnie Antonelli who has to go into the Witness protection program.

He and his wife Linda are relocated to San Diego and given the names Terri and Todd. My Blue Heaven is loosely based on the same story Good Fellas is. The movie is about Vinnie adapting to his new life.

I would imagine that if my family and I were in the witness protection program the true backstory would be very different. Like Vinnie, I would love to move out west.

Our fictional backstory would be that we were transferred because of a new job. It would be interesting to determine if it would be better to own a small business or work for a corporation.

There are benefits and negatives in both situations. In which position would it be easier to protect one’s true identity? Where you grew up and moved from? If it was in a corporation how much information would human resources need?

For witness protection the stories like need to be as bland as possible. Coming from a midwestern city like St. Louis, Indianapolis or Milwaukee seems stereotypical Americana. What would happen if you met someone from the city you said you are from but never actually lived there?

Every city has things virtually everyone that has lived in that city knows about. That could be a thing that raises red flags. If the back story includes where we came from, that could include all sorts of others things to raise a red flag.

The names would be fun and interesting to pick. You would probably want them to be as different as possible from your own. I’ve always liked the name Aaron, but it’s somewhat close to my own.

When I was in college and afterward I would often think about what names I wanted to name my kids and what the name of the women I married would be. In high school, I actually remember telling my friends I would wind up being with someone named Stacy, Tracy or Lisa. I don’t remember why.

I had always wanted two boys and two girls. I often thought it must have been difficult for my sister to grow up with three brothers and no sister. When my ex and I were getting married she was excited to be getting a sister. She was not close with our brother’s wife and really wanted a female in our family in our generation she could be close with.

The names I would want for my ex would be Quinn. There are personal reasons for that. The names I would want for my kids would be Aaron, Alexis, Bryce, and Chelsea.

We knew someone named Aaron and didn’t want to name our child after him so that would be out. She didn’t like the name Bryce so that to would be out. I stopped likely Chelsea because I never liked the Clinton’s and we would also have to choose a name other than Alexis.

We had a name picked out for our oldest if he had been a girl. That wound up being one of our daughter’s middle name so that would have been out as well. My ex loved the name Rose. That could have been one of our daughter’s names.

The other three would have been difficult. Going through the Witness protection program, I would imagine names would be the least of someone’s problems.

The backstory would be far more important. My brother’s middle name is after my great-grandfather. I could always choose Nate as my name. Seems like a good old school name. Belle would be a good name for my second. My third child we just picked a random name. It was actually the same name as one of my’s relatives and grandson of the Doctor that delivered him.

I am sure whatever we chose would be a process or the government would choose for us.

The family member most likely to give us away would be our oldest daughter and second child. The other three are fairly good at keeping secrets. Whatever the reason would be to put us into the Witness Protection Program, our backstory and new names would hopefully have a lot more thought put into in that a blog post could ever do justice.


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