Prompt 77: Takes us inside your grandmother’s liquor cabinet

This one is relatively easy. Only one set of my grandparents drank. My grandfather was always in the liquor business in one area or another.

Those grandparents always drank. Whether we were at their house or they came to ours it was seldom that they didn’t have a drink while they were over.

Since this is strictly about my grandmother, she almost exclusively drank hard alcohol. She occasionally drank wine. I never remember her drinking beer.

Gin and tonic, scotch or whiskey seems to be her drink of choice. I never remember her drinking rum, maybe vodka. The liquor cabinet at my grandparents was always stocked and they used decanters instead of just using bottles.

In their generation, cocktails seemed to be an important part of their culture. I didn’t watch Mad Men, but my Grandparents very much fit that generation. Going to happy hour, sharing drinks with friends and family and toasting to a special occasion were common occurrences.

They always had good stuff too. It was never cheap liquor in their cabinet. My grandparents liked to live comfortably and that included good liquor. They also liked to travel and see shows.

They were not snobby nor did they live outside their means. They led a good life and sharing a good drink with family and friends was a part of that.

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