Prompt 79: Who in your family tree are you named after and why? Who do you wish you were named after?

I am named after my great grandmother and great grandfather.

I am fine with being named after both of them. I never really liked my first name, but my middle name is ok. I neither love it or have strong feelings against it.

What I wish about who I was named after is that I knew more about them. My mom rarely talked about her paternal grandmother. Her maternal grandmother lived until I was about seven and I remember her myself.

She spoke much more often about her paternal grandfather than her paternal grandmother. I think she passed away a few years before I was born.

My middle name comes from my maternal, paternal grandfather. I know nothing about him other than he was 6’3. My father rarely ever talks about his family other than his upbringing with his brother and sister and parents.

My grandmother didn’t get along easily with people, was tough and wanted things her way. My understand is that she caused a falling out with my grandfather’s brother.

I don’t even know the names of my father’s other grandparents. He and my aunt often speak about that they had no toys growing up and the things that they didn’t have instead of what they did. My Uncle who is the middle child often disputed this.

My favorite show is Finding Your Roots on PBS. My oldest son also loves genealogy. I would love to somehow be able to do a family tree and figure out not only the names of who I was named after, but who they were, what they were about, what they did for a living.

I know that my grandfather moved to the USA when he was about somewhere between seven and 11. I know that both of my great grandparents that I am named from where not born in the US and not a whole lot more.

Hopefully, someday I will be able to learn more.

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