Prompt 81: If you lived in the right era for you, what era would you live in?

I live in the right era now. I wish I was 20-25 years younger.

I love writing, which is I have undertaken this project to finish the 642 Things to Write about Me. I have been a blogger for over 15 years. I have always wondered if I had been younger how my life would be different.

I have frequently discussed my shyness. It had prevented me from doing so many things. The advent of the internet has allowed me to be able to reach out to people in a much more modern way.

How would my life be different if the internet had been around when I was growing up? I envy children who are now able to vlog/blog and use social media to get noticed. It seems that most of the people who do get noticed are young.

Would I have broken out of my shell if I had been younger? I was on the school newspaper in Junior High and published my fraternity’s newsletter in college.

If blogging, social media, and the internet, in general, had been around when I was young it would have been much easier for me to connect to others. I feel much more comfortable reaching out to others through email and social media than I do in a more traditional sense.

I have always wondered if I had come of age coinciding with the age of the internet would opportunities presented themselves more? Would have been writing more consistently from an early age? Would I have networked with more people? How would being able to reach out to others via social media and other online platforms have affected my social and dating life?

It’s often said it’s never too late in life. How much is that exactly is exactly true? When we get an earlier start it can start the clock on many other things. I’ve lived a lot of my life with regrets and wondering what if.

My thought process seems to think back a lot. How much more successful could I have been in every aspect of my life if I had been brought up in a more digital age? I have frequently spoken about how my anxiety has greatly affected my life. I will always wonder how

I will always wonder how and if my anxiety would have and could have been decreased being much younger in the digital age. Many of us probably think about how our lives could have been different if we lived in a different era. All we can try to do is to make the best of the era we live in.

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