Prompt 93: Write up the Rules of Your House

Living alone I don’t have any rules in my house. Things were very different when I had custody of my children.

Living alone I don’t have any rules in my house. Things were very different when I had custody of my children.

It’s been nearly two years since I have seen my children and they last lived with me. I am fairly liberal and did not have a lot of rules with them.

The main ones were that they had to put their clothes in the hamper when they were done with them. This was mainly at night before bed and in the morning with their pajamas. My oldest was nine at the time and I made him put his own clothes away.

I also set rules about putting things away when being done with them. This included toys, books, or taking something out of the refrigerator or pantry.

I also instilled general manners with them. I expected please and thank you among other generally general ideals.

Whenever they wanted to use something of someone else’s they were expected to ask that person if it was ok. If someone else wasn’t home they would either have to ask me or generally wait until that person would return before being able to use something that didn’t belong to them.

This taught them to respect other people’s belongings. My middle child is an instigator. She knows how to push people’s buttons, particularly her older brother. I would frequently have to reiterate to her to not take things without asking. This would also upset her younger sister as well.

I felt coerced into signing a custody agreement that felt like I was having most if not all my rights as parents taken away. Any rules, anything I taught my children, instilled in them and ideals and ethics I worked hard with them on would go by the wayside.

They were moving in with their mom and aunt, uncle and cousins. The previous post dealt with enemies or a nemesis. It was clear that I was that to their aunt and uncle fairly quickly into the relationship. Whatever rules we set with them as a couple and then on my own didn’t matter when their aunt, uncle, and cousins were around.

We, as well as our children, were expected to abide by rules of their aunt and uncle. It didn’t matter if we were at our house, their’s or somewhere neutral. My biggest fear of their life being controlled by their aunt and uncle has come to reality.

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