Prompt 95: Did you Ever Change Your Name? Explain What Happened?

Prompt 95: Did you Ever Change Your Name? Explain What Happened?

I have never changed my name. I have however used my middle name.

My given name in Hebrew is Anna. I was named after my mom’s paternal grandmother. I didn’t want to use a feminine name in Hebrew. When I was growing up I would have been teased incessantly had I used a woman’s name.

My middle name in Hebrew is Moshe. I used that all throughout Hebrew school. This is the first time I have thought about what would I have done had I been growing up now? Things are very different now. We accept others more with differences.

I know very little about Anna or my father’s paternal grandfather Michael whom the name Moshe comes from. The most I know about was my mom’s paternal grandfather Abe and his second wife Dorothy who was my mom’s step-grandmother and my mom’s maternal grandmother Bess for whom my sister is named.

I seven when Bess died and remember her very well. I don’t remember how old I was when Dorothy passed away, but I remember her very well growing up.

My dad and his parents barely ever talked about their grandparents/parents. I know very little about my father’s side of the family. My oldest son and I at one point talked about trying to do a family tree on my dad’s side of the family.

My mom’s family had a reunion in 2000. One of the cousins did an extensive family tree that stretched four or five generations. It was my maternal grandfather’s side of the family. Hundreds of people were on the tree.

I rarely think about my Hebrew name or using my Hebrew middle name growing up. It is not something that is important in my present everyday life. The older I become, the less important my religion has become for me.

What I would like to do is learn more about Anna and my great-grandfather, Michael.

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