Prompt 18: Who was the hardest person in your life to forgive? How did you do it?

I think of this as the most unlikely, not the hardest.

There was always a lot of conscientiousness between by wife’s family and my family. When she faced a life threatening illness it only increased everything because of the stress of the situation having to be together a great deal more than usual

Her sister and brother-in-law never treated me or my family so any respect. Her. Sister threw things at my parents and constantly made comments about my family when they were not around.

Her illness clarified a lot for me. It made realize how much I loved her, taught me to hate someone’s actions but not necessarily the person, and that a time of crisis is not a time for grudges or revenge

With my wife’s life in question, I went to my sister-in-law and said to her “we had some big decisions we might have to make that no one should have to make alone”. We agreed that we would be making the Decisions about her health together.

I should have known better based on pat history and events. We had discussed where condolence calls would be made if she passed away and she told me she wanted to be the tone to make decisions.

I chose to take the high road. That was something I had not always done in the past. Less than two months into her illness her sister and her best friends worked together to get power of attorney behind my back.

I trusted her in a time I am not sure I should have. All I wanted at the time was for my wife to get better and to take care of our children. Unfortunately her sister and siblings always had their own agendas preceded anything that mattered got the family we had created.



Prompt 17: Write about the morning you least wanted to get out of bed

The morning I least wanted to get out of bed was the last day I had custody of my children.

That morning and nearly every morning, my kids would come into my bed by one. Getting those hugs and cuddles each morning is what their mom would call feeling the love.

I wanted that morning to be frozen in time. At the time I knew I would see them for at least a week. It turned out to be indefinite.

When their mom and I went to bed every night she insisted that we not go to bed upset with each other.  We also held each other almost every night. She frequently fell asleep in my arms.

Now without the children or their mom, I rely on pillows, just like I did before I met their mom.

The last night I slept in the same bed as my wife, I was having a thought night. I went to bed first and she then came into hold me. Sadly I later found out this wasn’t genuine.

We all need the sense of touch and love

Prompt 16: Write About a Goodbye you didn’t know was a last goodbye

This will likely be my most emotional post. After a nearly three-year battle I lost child custody.

I was outlasted and outspent until I lost custody. The day they were they were taken from me was supposed to last a week. They were taken for a week partly because of a verbal dispute I had with a school administrator.

She had stepped into the middle of the custody battle and exaggerated or lied about things regarding our children. I called her out on it and that was used against me. About a week later in court I continued to be upset with the progression of the case. The children’s attorney then extended to a month.

On the day the kids were better picked up, my son didn’t want to leave and asked me when he would see me again. At the time I told him it was only a week. My ex had the local police escort her to my house to pick up the children.

Almost losing my wife to an illness a devestating. I cried myself got sleep every night the first two months. Losing custody is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life.

Ever since my parents brought my sister home from the hospital when I was 12 I wanted to be parent. By seventh grade I yearned for a girl and as I got older the attention of a woman.

When someone goes through a tragedy with a spouse, they are often told to be strong for their children. Its  often the children that bring the strength. We became each other’s Rock and hoped for the bes for their mom.

I have not seen our children in over a year. The last time I was in court her attorney was attempting to take away my paternal rights. I desperately Hope it wasn’t a final goodbye. Not having them in my life has been soul crushing.

Prompt 15: what piece of jewelry do you wear most often?

Write about why it’s your go-to-piece of jewelry. Where did you get it? What do you like about the way it looks on you? Why does it feel good to wear?

It has been many years since I have worn jewelry. The most recent being a Star of David charm on a necklace I wore and a watch. When it was. A tween and in my early teens I wore a sharks tooth necklace I got on vacation in Acapulco.

The Star of David was a gift. I’ve near worn jewelry to impress others, so thought about how it looks on me. The Star of David felt good to wear as it made me feel closer to my heritage.

I wore a watch as young as I can remember. I was obsessed with knowing what time it is. I wore watches up until I got a cell phone. Then I would joust check my cell phone to see what time it was.

I had fun with watches and particularly loved the swatch and fossil brands. I would frequently buy them at a local iconic department store. Having something had the appearance of looking cool. I am not sure I ever felt that way.

My sharks tooth or Italian horn as they were often called gave me a faux sense of strength. They look hip and i entered my pre-teens years a few years after Rocky was popular. I remember wearing the sharks tooth and thinking of Sylvester Stallone.

Prompt 14: Write about the imaginary friend you had, never had or wish you did.

From the time I was about 12 I dreamt of getting married and becoming a parent. I didn’t date match until I was 29 with the exception of a nearly three-month relationship when I was 20.

It wasn’t an imaginary friend that I wanted. It’s what I hoped and thought was real was what I yearned for. Before I met the mother of my children I slept with three pillows and held on to one as if I as embracing a woman.

I want(ed) to be in a loving relationship. One where we are always there for each other and raising a family together. Its something I think about to this day. The feeling of having a partner to go through life with, be loved by and to take care of and be taken of is powerful.

One of the most difficult things I’ve ever been told is that my ex thought I had access to more money. I’ve always imagined how my life would be, both during and when not in relationships.

We all have thoughts about how our lives we go. The saying is life happens when we are busy making other plans. I think about what I can do to be successful. This applies to relationships, a career, starting a business or how my children’s lives will turn out.

It’s not the imaginary friend I’ve had, haven’t had or wish I had, it’s wanting the life I am unlikely to ever have.

Prompt 13: Write about your voice. Do you think it suits you? Would you Change it if you could? How has it changed over the years?

My dream from the time I was 12 through at least my twenties was to work in radio. My voice would have been my instrument.

I have never liked my voice. I’ve always thought  it sounds whiny. I would very much like to change it. It especially sounded poor to me when I would try to practice play by-play.

Through circumstances I’ve only been on the radio twice, both in high school. Those were DJ type shows that I would play songs of my choice for 30 minutes.

with a squeaky and shiny self sounding voice, I’ve never felt like it suited me. I would like a deeper, more authoritative mature sounding voice.

My real dream was to go into sports broadcasting. I would have loved to have hosted a sports talk show or have done sports reporting. I am not sure how my voice has changed.

I talk a lot and recently my voice went hoarse and I didn’t know why. It only lasts a few days. I wish that I had a deeper and voice. A lot more would have had to happen for me to have been successful in radio, but a deeper voice might have helped.

At the very least maybe I would be more attractive to women.

Prompt 12: Describe an Accident You’ve Been in. Were you at fault? Who was? What Excuses Were Made? What Were the Lasting Consequences?

We all make mistakes in life and most of us are involved in accidents of some sort. Most accidents hopefully involve material things that’s can be replaced.

I tend to be absent-minded and mistake prone. Things often seem to happen to me that might not happen to others. I’ve been in numerous car accidents throughout his my life, lose things easily and seem to have things break.

Throughout my only term relationship this seemed to happen often. I spilled tea once on her laptop and lost her necklace that she had custom-made, I think overseas. When she was sick our daughter by accident broke a plate she had made with our son.

He got really upset with his sister. Although it cannot be replaced, a new one can be bought or made.

Accidents and mistakes can almost be used interchangeably as words. Things at are said decisions we make can cause far more long-term damage than an accident.

About 18 months into out relationship, my then girlfriend’s sister invited my entire family over for the holidays. Her was insulted my by brother’s wife which seemed to s off a family funded that might last for eternity.

It was followed about six months later (at which points were engaged) by my mother not attended a family function for my fiancé’s sister. This is the same sister who would begin to hold a grudge against my family and constantly make negative comments about them.

This caused a lot of consternation around the planning of our wedding how we should plan the birth of our first child and basically raise them in general and aunt other decisions we were to make seemingly had to go through her sister.

The biggest lasting damage it caused it that it put our children in the middle.