Prompt 103: Describe what you sound like when you’re angry. Take the perspective of someone in earshot behind a closed door, listening .

Prompt 103: Describe what you sound like when you’re angry. Take the perspective of someone in earshot behind a closed door, listening .


What I sound like when I am angry would be a very subjective answer. I have evolved in my ability to control my anger.

Like anyone that has been through a divorce many things about my personality were exaggerated. One of those things was my temper and impulsivity. The hell my divorce put me through mellowed me out in many ways.

The biggest thing I do when I get angry or passionate about anything, in general, is to raise my voice. With ADHD I often get so passionate and wrapped up in making my point I subconsciously tune out what the other person is saying.

What also would have come through in the past was my intention and need to be right. I focused very intently on the principleĀ of everything. Standing on principal is what was important to me. I didn’t look enough at what the person I was arguing with was thinking.

Whoever was in theory behind the closed-door within earshot listening to the argument should have been able to discern that from the argument. I would speak about what was the cool thing, the right thing or what I perceived that I or whoever was on my side of the argument to be treated fairly as the important thing.

I have had to learn the hard way that it is much better to be able to discuss things civilly more than arguing. So many friends and colleagues of mine have had to deal with awful divorces that many of us are numb to arguing.

What should come out of someone who would listen to my arguments that while I might have been angry it is because I am passionate and feels things deeply. I want those close to me to do things the right way. I used to care far too much about what others think.

We all need to do a better job of understanding each other. This has spilled over to the way that arguments are conducted on social media. If we learn how to better debate and not argue, a lot more would get accomplished in the world.

Prompt 60: Imagine Your Favorite and Least Favorite Relative, They’re Arguing about you, What do they say? Who wins?

My favorite relative other than my children is my cousin. He has always been there for me emotionally. My mom tries but doesn’t seem to understand depression and anxiety.

I’m not sure who my least favorite relative would be. The relative that is the most difficult for me to be around is my father. 

My cousin is an incredible person, kind compassionate, empathetic, yet he doesn’t like conflict. 

My father has been successful at almost everything he has done done throughout his life. He is an incredible athlete and has physical gifts most people would want to have. He’s worked hard to get where he is in life but also has had a head start.

If he and my cousin argued about me my cousin would hopefully point out as he said to me that just getting out of bed everyday is a triumph. 

My fathers retort would be that I’m lazy amongst other things he bring up. I can remember off the top of my head once in my entire life receiving a complement from him. 

My father is old school. Hes loving towards children until they are able to become their own people and assertive. He used to mock my depression and anxiety. 

My cousin has had an interesting and at times difficult life. He’s learned compassion from what he’s been through and also seems to have it innately. I don’t ever remember seeing him in an argument or losing his temper. He is very composed and thoughtul. 

My father has some of these qualities. He’s helped me in my ways. Emotionally is not one of them. My moms dismisses the way he talks to me and others.

My father often looks down on those that are not successful and doesn’t seem to understand those with less. Yet, he used to take us to the poorer parts of the city to see those less forturnate than us. We are all complex in our own way. 

My cousin would point out to my father all that I’ve been through. My father would point out all my faults and everything I’ve done wrong over the last few years. 

My father tends to be negative and my cousin positive. Arguments between family and specifically about family seem to be common and can often be what drives a couple apart. 

If this did or has happened who judges who would win. My father would like get the last word in. He always has to get the last word in and likely would “win” in that sense. If it was truly a debate and moderated or if someone else was there, my cousin would “win”. 

In what sense is there really a winner in every argument?