Prompt 92: If you asked your first enemy to describe you what would she say? What were the circumstances that made you her nemesis?

Prompt 92: If you asked your first enemy to describe you what would she say? What were the circumstances that made you her nemesis?


It’s difficult for me to remember a specific person as my first enemy or nemesis.

I had quite a few people I would consider a nemesis growing up but not someone as deep as an enemy. I am a very sensitive person and used to take almost everything personally. As a result of that, I often got teased growing up.

This made for many tense situations in school. I had friends but can remember numerous instances of being teased growing up and in school. I remember one girl I went to school with and getting really upset with her. Another time I remember two boys that teased me that my epidermis was showing.

Looking back on this I wish I had gone home and looked up what epidermis was instead of getting upset at school. For most of my life, I have felt like an outsider. As I got older in school, the class sizes and school population became bigger I was too anonymous to have many enemies or a specific nemesis.

I can remember being too afraid to put myself in a position to fail. I was and still tend to be very passive. I didn’t do enough to have an enemy.

As I have gotten older I have learned to dislike the act a person does more than the person. I would hope that others can see that I also make mistakes and learn to be upset with what I did and not consider me a nemesis or an enemy.

It is especially sad that when people are brought together through adversity that power struggles often occur. This should specifically be a time to put differences aside and work together for the common good.

Far too often I see that one person or a group can put forth to get what they want. It becomes more about ceasing control and being right than it does about doing the right thing or helping people.

Prompt 45: Your Worst Enemy Writes His/Her Memoir. There’s a Whole Chapter Devoted to you, How does it begin?

The first six months or so of my divorce began ugly and set the tone for what would become an ugly divorce.

It did not take a memoir for me to imagine how a chapter devoted to me would begin. I don’t really view anyone as an enemy.

Eleven months before my ex filed for divorce she became ill and would require months of hospitalization. I viewed it as a chance to show how much we loved each other.

Her brother in law never liked me or my family and her sister would follow in line about a year later.

Everything they did was based on vengeance and revenge. My mom couldn’t make an event to go honkr their son, three years later they refused to come to an brunch my mom threw when they when my wife and I had our first.

Earlier than that I could not afford to help my pay for my ex’s bday party so they when kept me out of their son’s bday party.

Everything they did and do was based on getting vengeance for those who wrong them and praise anything they perceived as good.

They did everything they could to make me look like a monster and basically succeeded. My ex had a sorority sister they worked in the corporate office of where our children went to pre-school.

After she filed for divorce things started happening at the school About things I was blamed for that either never happened to our children or were grossly exaggerated.

As part of the custody evaluation process we had to write a timeline of our lives together. She and her family’s timeline was about everything they could to discredit me.

Her niece who came to stay with us for a summer and was supposed to help with the children made all sorts of things up. Meanwhile my family and I suspected she was smoking pot in our house.

The entire process instead of being truly about what our timeline was together and what was in the best interest of our children began and continued to be almost entirely about fabrications of what I and my family did wrong with the children.