Prompt 75: Complete this sentence “I wish I had ___________” Now write for another 10 minutes about why.

I wish that I had my family intact. Even through divorce, I asked my ex a few times for us to get together as a family. She said we would confuse our kids.


I wish that I had my family intact. Even through divorce, I asked my ex a few times for us to get together as a family. She said we would confuse our kids.

When parents are not together anymore it shows children that you are capable of putting your disagreements aside for them.

Since I was nearly 12 when my parents brought my sister home from the hospital I wanted to become a parent. I didn’t begin my first long-term relationship until I was 33. Meeting my ex-was a dream come true, or at least I thought so at the time.

When we got engaged and then became parents almost three years later, it was the fulfillment of a dream of over 25 years. Becoming a parent and with someone who had a similar dream was incredible. Watching my ex give birth was amazing and as beautiful and amazing as the stereotypes said it would be.

The first three years of our son’s life was amazing. Our life was mostly about us. My ex created what she called a tri-date. It was when the three of us would go out for dinner or take our son somewhere¬†fun.

Creating life and then raising children with the love of my life was something I had always hoped for. Her family would constantly meddle with how things should be done.

Her sister and her entire family, her mom and a friend had to be there when our son was born. Her mom and sister were in the room when he was born. Two nights later her sister and her husband and children and then their mom were at our house when we brought him home from the hospital.

Nearly three and a half years later when we brought our daughter home from the hospital her mom was extremely upset when my parents and brother came over on father’s day, which also happened to be the day we brought child number two home from the hospital.

It seemed as if from that point on it was never about us. “I wish I had a complete family” or at the very least custody of my children.

Prompt 22: You knew they were they lying. You choose to pretend you believe them.

I am often not the not the best at reading people, but certain people are difficult to trust.

At the time my life became ill I felt the best course of acting was into include her family in the decision making process about her course of treatment. They are the most untrustworthy group of people I’ve ever met.

She had a sibling with drugs and alcohol problems, another who had a committed fraud and a mother that was not even respected by her own children.

One sister could do no wrong. No matter what she and her spouse said, didn’t or how they treated each other mattered. At various times she would make comments about me ad/or my family, forcibly take items of outs that my wife would allow or manipulate things to benefit herself.

At the beginning of my wife’s illness I went to her sister said “let’s put the past behind us we might have some big decisions to make.” Her life was at stake and it should not have been a time to lie, be manipulative or sneaky.

Even as I was beginning to learn about her scheming behind my back I was given legal advice to focus on my children and my wife. I did and was than two months later her sister received complete control. She didn’t stop until she gained control over everything including our children.